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Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Awarded Cannon Foundation Grant

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Cannon Foundation, Inc., for upgrades to the Hospital's digital x-ray services. Chief Executive Officer Paul Hammes said, "We are so grateful to be selected by the distinguished Cannon Foundation for this grant, which will further enhance our imaging capability and directly benefit countless patients."

The monies will be used to upgrade Hugh Chatham's digital imaging services. Two of the organization's x-ray rooms will be converted to an entirely digital processing platform. In addition, the hospital’s portable x-ray machine will be digitally retro-fitted.

According to Hugh Chatham's Director of Imaging, Missy Church, the benefits of an entirely digital platform are numerous. Ms. Church noted that "this new process will facilitate improved image quality, efficiency and work flow, all beneficial to the patient." Digital Detector x-ray technology allows for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction by producing higher image quality and lower radiation dose.

The Hugh Chatham Imaging Services Department provides care to more than 30,000 patients each year. "The digital upgrade will not only improve the capabilities of our Imaging Department, but more importantly will improve the overall care experience for our patients," added Mr. Hammes.

The Cannon Foundation, Inc. is a part of the philanthropic legacy of Charles A. Cannon, industrialist and humanitarian, who was President and Chairman of Cannon Mills Company (of Concord, NC) for more than half a century. The Foundation continues Mr. Cannon's philanthropy through funding improvements to healthcare, higher education, human services and community.

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