Our health information management team provides timely and quality medical record retention, storage and retrieval.

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

You will need to present a signed and dated release of information form to the health information management department. To request a copy of your medical records, you may fax this request: Medical Records Release Form – to 336-527-3372. To speak to a representative regarding obtaining a copy of your medical records, please contact 336-527-7376 (Option 4).

How can I get my spouse’s medical records?

You must have a dated release of information form signed by your spouse to get his or her records.

Can I have a copy of my X-rays to take to another physician?

You may obtain radiology images from the imaging department. To do this, please call in advance. You will need to sign a release of information form when you pick up the copies. The reports come from the health information management department.

Do you have a copy of my advance directive?

We place a copy of your advance directive in your medical record when you bring it in. We also maintain a copy on the health information system. We ask that you bring your advance directive every time you come to the hospital so we always have the most up-to-date copy.

Health Information Exchange
Opt-Out Form

Opting out of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) may delay access to important medical information; however, participation in the HIE is your choice. If you choose to opt-out and not participate in the HIE, your health information will not be shared among health care providers through the HIE. Instead, your providers will continue to share information via previously established methods, such as phone, fax, mail or through an existing electronic medical record. This also means that opting out of the HIE does not affect the sharing of information by providers using the same electronic medical record. It applies only to the HIE.

To opt-out, download the form at the below link and follow the instructions on the form.

NC HIE Opt-Out Form

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