Outpatient Rehabilitation

We offer occupational, physical and speech therapy in a facility close to home.

We can help you with your rehabilitative needs after a stroke, chronic or acute injury, surgery, or debilitating illness. We treat orthopedic, neurologic and general debility conditions, offering a comprehensive and convenient source of therapeutic services.

Our therapists work one-on-one with their clients. We do not group or overlap our patients. When we are treating you or your loved one, you have our undivided attention. This allows us to optimally recognize and meet your rehabilitative needs. Our No. 1 priority is to empower you as a patient—to teach you about your condition, how to best manage it and how to overcome it.

Occupational Therapy

Our therapist has over 30 years of experience in rehab of everything from shoulder to hand. We offer dynamic and static splinting, ergonomic assessments, functional capacity evaluations and traditional upper extremity rehab.

Aquatic Therapy

Our certified pool operator has years of experience in aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is more gentle on worn joints, helping you recover with less stress and pain while enjoying 88 degree water.

Our physical therapist assistant will create and teach you an exercise program which you can later use in the Wellness Pool—a long-term maintenance facility pool.

Speech Therapy

We offer speech services for pediatric through geriatric populations. Whether it is an issue with developmental delays, cognitive, linguistic or swallowing difficulties, our speech and language pathologists can help you! Our speech therapist is a certified VitalStim technician. If you have a loved one with swallowing difficulty, she will guide them through the process of evaluation, including a modified barium swallow, with state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

Physical Therapy

When you are a patient of our certified spine specialist, you arebeing cared for by the only licensed physical therapist in North Carolina who maintains both McKenzie Spine Institute International (Cert. MDT) and Maitland Australian Physiotherapy certifications (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist)—the two most highly regarded, evidence based orthopedic spine certifications worldwide.

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